Private Yoga


Although going to group classes maintains the body well, training with a personal yoga coach profoundly deepens the benefits of yoga. A private yoga class is better than a group class to focus on individual needs. Repetition of aggravating conditions over time can recalibrate the body not for optimum health but for basic survival. And here’s the rub: in basic survival mode, only vital bodily functions occur while secondary functions like digestion, fertility and healing shut down or run at a minimum.

After working with private clients for nearly nine years, I have noticed that each person downloads stress into muscle memory in unique ways. Each person handles stress differently. Some people panic and get agitated while others shut down and succumb to overwhelming exhaustion. Others eat more while their neighbors eat less and digest poorly. During private yoga sessions, I hone in on your specific condition and construct a class for your state of mind and your energy level.


Have you ever noticed that stress worsens your posture by tightening your neck, tensing your shoulders and hunching your spine?

When work overload arises, do you toss and turn trying to remedy unfinished tasks when you should be sleeping soundly to perform your best the next day?

Do you suffer from indigestion as stress increases so you cannot get the nourishment you require no matter how much you eat?

All of these conditions stem from the flight or fight response. It’s our evolutionary design to have strong bursts of adrenaline to run away from a saber tooth tiger! Sadly, no evolutionary adaptation has occurred to process the long term, incessant stress of modern life. Today, the body must deal with unrelenting stress on a daily, weekly and yearly basis. Our cave dweller ancestors could outrun a tiger and rest triumphantly, but how do we outrun a demanding boss, a sick parent or an unhealthy relationship? We don’t.


At the beginning of each group class, I invite students to make requests so that I can address some areas of tightness for the good of all concerned. However, I am much more effective focusing on one student or a semi-private class. Your yoga practice will change every time you step onto your mat. Consequently, private yoga instruction allows me to meet you wherever you are and remedy specific conditions more quickly than large group classes.

Think of a private yoga session as individualized coaching masquerading as a yoga play date. These play dates eradicate life’s grind and replenish you on every level. You stand taller. You sleep better. Your stomach feels content. You get your yoga when you want it! You get your yoga where you want it! You get your yoga how you need it!

As my private client base continues to grow, I am delighted to work with those students whose learning style most matches my teaching strengths.  Consequently, the first assessment lasts 30 minutes and is used to determine if we have a teacher-student match.  My ideal student has a serious interest in improving and a strong work ethic.

Please contact me at 469-227-4200 or email to schedule a complimentary 30 minute assessment.