Yoga Retreats

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Here is an example of a previous yoga retreat I organized:

Yoga Retreat with Nicole in Costa Rica March 17 -24, 2012

Blue Osa Spa

No good yoga teacher would confess to coveting students. A good yoga would never admit to letting savasana run over so that the next scheduled class is left scratching at the door. How could a decent yoga teacher divulge the desire to keep you after class and down load more yoga into your hungry minds and bodies? Must we cop to anger at watching hard earned relaxation melt away like sand castles when you leave the studio and step out into the harsh, cold world?

Fine then, truth be told, we’d keep you longer time permitting. We would fuss over you more and allow you to saturate that yoga glow that we so carefully craft without the demands of life getting in the way. But what shall we do? There are things to do, people to see…the cats in the cradle and the silver spoon…blah blah blah. Prioritize with yogic you at the top of the to do list. What if, you come away with us and play for a week of yoga…you could tarry on the mat and close down a studio that only shuts when the last rays of sun are swallowed by the Costa Rican horizon?

Yes, gorgeous Costa Rica would be the destination. The studio is paradise true. You’ll have a fabulous time soaking up sun, undoubtedly. You’ll do handstands, and restorative poses and mischief on the yoga mat the will warm your sundrenched heart. But to tell the truth, Nicole and her co-teacher, Hollis Lewis ( just want to extend the party beyond a 60-minute class. There we said it. We want more of you and in a setting where our yoga marinade won’t be diluted by the stress of traffic or work or overbooked schedules.

Yes, you’ll have a blast. True you’ll deepen your yoga. Heck, you might even rekindle the love affair with your inner Buddha. But most importantly, we, your greedy teachers, will extend the yoga play date to a yoga overnight. While selfishness is never a good quality, can you blame our greed to have more time to spoil you with yoga? Forgive us and come to Costa Rica.

You’ll give us the gift of your presence while we reciprocate with more time and tender loving yoga. It’s all the yoga you can drink with no last call. Intoxicate your mind with the scenery, inebriate your soul with the sunshine and imbibe in more than one yoga class a day. In return, we’ll give you all the top shelf yoga you can stand.

Save the dates March 17 to March 24, 2012. Price for 7-day retreat is $1500 and $1750 for an ocean view. Sign up before August 31, 2011 and pay only $1300 and $1500 for an ocean view. These prices are based on shared occupancy. Single rooms are not available. To register, a FULL non-refundable and non-transferable payment is required for any RSVP.