Welcome to the New Space!

Although I have worked in some of the most acclaimed studios in Dallas: Uptown Yoga, City Yoga, Dallas Yoga Center to name a few, I must distinguish those spaces from working at Westside Wellness. At Westside Wellness Center, I am incubating my own yoga style without needing to fit into any particular box.

I know how Goldie Locks and the three yogis felt: this studio feels too slow and this studio feels too fast. Now I am on my own and the studio feels just right. Those of you have taken my classes comment on how exacting I am about anatomy and planing the classes for certain results.

What you may not know is that this process is all about you! When you come to class and present with a certain issue, I will create the sequence to address your needs. Collaboration of yoga like the collaboration of jazz means each class is unique. How can one step in the same river twice? Impossible.

My solution in this space where I have free range is to video each class so you can refresh your recollection if you need to do the class again or if you could not make it to class you have the option of attending on line.

I am so grateful for those who helped shaped the space: David Seery did all the rehab work. He helped direct the color of the floor to suit the tiffany box blue of the walls. Kirsten Joy Birch pulled the color out of many swatches. Ken Crawford consulted on northern light exposure and helped prep. Stephon Christoph Payseur chagrined me for my indecision and helped the color check for video appeal. Denae Richards invited me to check out the space and made the introductions. Laura made the space available for the work to transpire. Frank helped prepared the space.

I thank my lovely students. Without you, I would be nothings. You keep coming to support me with their energy (K. Skipper, M. Wrighton, D. Rixter, J. Dean, J. Clayton, C. Robnett, Shari & Mike, Mike King, J. Dean, Kelli Segers, Bosco, Carp, L. Winski, K. McAllister, J. Payseur, S. McRowery and many more).

The many teachers have shaped me and taught me to teach authenticity over trends. I name a few here but so many more are embedded in my heart: Sarah Willis, Rama Nina Patella, Becky Klett, Amy Ippoliti, Ross Rayburn, Noah Maze, Dice lida Klein, Mary Dunn, Bruce Wood.