Virtual Yoga for Corporate Events


  • Corporate yoga classes reduce stress.
  • Physical activity staves off mental fatigue.
  • Mindful exercises create ease through breathing and stretching.


  • Yoga breaks the monotony of sitting.
  • After just 10 minutes of yoga, you return to tasks with calm focus and equanimity.
  • Tech neck plagues us because we are not ergonomically equipped to work from home.  Yoga relieves from tech neck by releasing the neck, shoulders and back.


  • I teach Yoga sessions according to the company’s scheduling preferences.
  • Additionally, I have a library of recorded options that the company can hold in house for employees to use as they chose


  • Chair yoga works the body without the need for a mat.
  • Now that many of us work from home, we can do yoga sitting down.


Listen to what Jonathon Moss Spotio has to say about Om Yoga Diva’s Corporate Yoga program and check out more videos on Om Yoga’s Vimeo Channel

Nicole’s yoga classes are wonderful.  We had to change the class to a zoom class in March and I was worried it would not be as effective but Nicole has a talent for managing the medium.  She is able to individually engage participants in the class (and often provide two different classes at the same time depending on the needs of the participants). She provides instruction that helps those, like me, that are not great with left and right side direction by orienting things to your space in your room.  I walk away from the classes with more energy and with a stronger, more peaceful body.  During COVID this has been invaluable.  I have taken classes with Nicole for years and she is a lifesaver and I have been delighted in her ability to transition to zoom classes in a way so we have not missed a beat. 

~Jessica Dean, Law Offices of DOBS Legal

“We have done corporate yoga classes with Nicole a few times for our monthly Satori Sweats sessions, one of the cornerstones of our Optimal Living Program.  Everyone loved the class!  Nicole brought calm, grounding, and balance to the team.  We all experienced a sense of wellness and connection even though we are working remotely.  It was a perfect way to start the work day, and helped us to feel energized and productive.  We love yoga with Nicole!

At Satori, we recognize that extraordinary results–one of our core values–come from feeling extraordinary.  We believe that helping each person reach their greatest potential individually increases the collective potential of our organization.  So we created our Optimal Living Program to support our team members’ continued growth in four dimensions of well-being: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.  Yoga with Nicole checked all of these boxes for us, and we look forward to more Satori Sweats yoga sessions with her as we continue to encourage and support our team members to live & work optimally!”

~Keera Ketterman, Satori Capital