Do you have a wellness consultant?   

Do you remember the theme song for the iconic show Cheers?
“Sometimes I wanna go where everybody knows my name.”

You walk in and the bartender immediately knows exactly what you want and how you want it made

Do you have that type of relationship with your wellness consultant? 
Do you even HAVE a wellness consultant? 
My yoga regimen goes beyond “down dogs to create” a program crafted for your goals. 

Watch the video below about how I craft specific programs for your goals, life and season…



As a Diamond Level Monthly Member you receive:

  • weekly one-on-one private lessons (via Zoom) specific to your needs, your wishes, you goals
  • access to my online, live group classes
  • complimentary membership for my Video Vault
  • unlimited access to me by email or phone

To explore the idea of becoming a coveted Diamond Level Member:

  1. CLICK HERE to schedule a 15-minute call with me.
  2. During our 15-minute chat, I’ll ask you two questions:  what is happening in your life?  how do you feel? 
  3. At the conclusion of our call, we’ll schedule another 15-minute call.
  4. I’ll craft a short practice specific to your needs, your season and your desires.
  5. I’ll lead you through the practice when we meet again.  Essentially, the short practice will be a prelude to your first one-on-one private lesson!
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