High Hopes Yoga Retreat  

With Nicole Payseur

Friday, May 10, 2024, departing Sunday, May 12, 2024
High Hope Ranch in Glen Rose, TX

Allow nature to fill you with awe and snuggle you in like your best grandma tucking you into a soft warm bed.  High Hopes Ranch will fill you with awe and keep you snuggled and safe in the picturesque Texas countryside and out of the crowded telephone poles, wires and asphalt vistas of the Dallas Metroplex. 

We will go into your yoga practice with care, curiosity and contemplation.  These long sessions need not intimidate you but can give you chances to stay in your body.  How many times have you said, “I cannot believe the class is over? The time just flew.”  I promise you will feel these large swatches of time unravel all the knots in your back legs and hips and we will have savasanas that rival the sleep patterns of a tranquil soul after a satisfying day’s work.  

First we will dig the well and explore all manner of stretch and then we will fill the well with knowledge on how to keep the joy once the retreat ends.  Meals will be nourishing and your input and dietary regimen will be honored.  Menus can be tailored for your requests.  In order to be serene and happy you need time + space to be with yoga.  There was a time when yoga classes were 90-120 minutes.  It takes that time to go deeply into the practice. 

This very special retreat focuses on serving you with a YOGA MOTHER’S LOVE.  I am your yoga mom and I will surround you with amazing practices that transport you into replenished, nourished bodies. 

Saturday will include one active asana practice, one mellow movement + meditation practice and a yoga sleep practice. 

Topics covered in lectures and workshops will include:

  • Yoga everyday for radiant health
  • Walking meditation and breathing exercises
  • Celebrating spring through rebirth in the back muscles
  • Leading with gentle curiosity for ageing well and loving your age
  • Bridging the gap between your yoga practice and life out in the world
  • Noticing when your yoga needs to shift and giving yourself options and permission to collaborate with me to make yoga a consistent benefit.

Retreat Leader

Nicole Payseur, The Yoga Diva
After stress nearly ruined her digestive system over 20 years ago, Nicole took drastic measures.  She quit her job litigating in the City of New York, moved to Texas to be near family and pursued her passion for yoga.  The delight of helping others heal has made the transition to full time yoga teacher especially sweet.  Nicole intends to cultivate balance and healing through yoga, hypno-coaching, and meditation.  When her students thrive, she sees how her teaching creates a ripple effect in their lives and consequently the world.  Her joy is collaborating with students to empower them in ways that reinforce their understanding of who they are on and off the yoga mat.  Yoga retreats give her a chance to bond with her students in deeply satisfying ways that make her a better yoga teacher and healing.  She is beyond grateful for the opportunity to serve and witness miracles in her students in incredible ways.


(Tentative.  Nicole reserves the right to edit slightly)
Friday, May 10 arrival
Welcome + Restorative Yoga Practice at 5:00pm
Dinner at 6:30pm

Saturday, May 11
7:30 light breakfast of coffee and tea and fruit for those who need to keep the blood sugar stable
8am – 10:00am Active Asana Class
10am Breakfast
10:30am – 12pm Leisure Time
12pm Lunch
1:30pm – 4:30pm Active Asana Class
4:30pm Leisure Time
7pm Dinner
8:30pm Camp Fire 

Sunday, May 12 (departure)
8am – 9:30am Restorative & Active Yoga Class
10am Breakfast
11am Check out of room

Freely roam the property and take advantage of the amenities but you must check out of your room by 11am.


High Hope Ranch is less than a two hour car ride from Dallas.  The Ranch is located southwest of Dallas.

High Hope Ranch was donated to the biodynamic organization, Living Lands Trust, in 2022. As partnering stewards of these lands, they conduct the growth of all agriculture under biodynamic standards. They are currently seeking Demeter Certification for all of their edible and herbal products.

They raise their food with the utmost respect and care for the spirits within every plant and animal. Biodynamics not only honors life but also brings more intentionality and spirit into the work they do. Some of this includes planting/tending to animals with the moon and planet cycles, creating biodynamic preparations and spreading them out in the garden/on the land, and creating biodynamic compost. 

​High Hope Ranch raises:

  • Cut flowers and vegetables in a half acre garden for our local co-op 
  • Boer and Nigerian Dwarf goats for meat, milk, and invasive species management
  • Kune Kune pigs for meat
  • Chickens for eggs

Click here to learn more about High Hope Ranch.


We have two homes on the property reserved for 2 nights:

Habari( Click to see pictures of the house)

Habari sleeps up to 10 guests.

  • Bedroom 1: King bed 
  • Bedroom 2: Queen bed 
  • Bedroom 3: Twin bed, Twin bunk bed (3 total beds) 
  • Bedroom 4: Queen bed 
  • Bedroom 5: Queen bed

M’walimu (Click to see pictures of the houses)

M’walimu consists of two separate houses connected by an outdoor breezeway. In between them sits a pool and extensive outdoor deck with propane grill, seating, and hill country views. 

Main House:  occupied by Nicole

Sanctuary (the second house): 

  • Bedroom 1:  Queen Bed
  • Bedroom 2:  Queen Bed

The rooms are separated by sliding Japanese-style wood and opaque glass sliding door that provides visual privacy but is not entirely soundproof.

We will hold all of our yoga practices and meals in the M’walimu main house.


You can pre-order your meals with me.  The menu options are coming and will be tailored to your dietary needs.


Cost includes Friday & Saturday stay, all meals, and all yoga sessions.

Room to Yourself:

  • $895 Regular
  • $795 Early Bird

Room Shared

  • $695 Regular p/p
  • $595 Early Bird


$210 deposit of which $10 is nonrefundable.  A deposit must be made before you register.


Zelle $210 to nicole@omyogadiva.com

Click here to Register

Cancellation Policy:

Should you be unable to attend the retreat, your cancellation request must be received in writing via email to concierge@omyogadiva.com at least 30 days prior to the start of the retreat in order to receive a refund. Refunds given will be less a $50 administration fee. Paid registrations are transferable to another individual at any time.  After 30 days, the deposit will be 100% non-refundable.e.