Home Sweet OM
Feng Shui to Health & Happiness

Is your home sick? You do yoga to feel calm? What do you do to make your house feel calm? Feng shui gives your home a yoga calm. Check out this video and answer this question.  What does a glass front home do to your comfort level?

People who live in glass houses should not walk in their underwear from the kitchen to the den!

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Have Yoga, Will Travel

Travel and yoga go together like summer and lemonade. When I travel, I take advantage of new studios and new locations. For example, I just returned home from Turks and Caicos. I researched the local yoga studio and thought I knew where I was going. Alas, I got lost. I arrived too late to attend class and found myself peering through the window longingly. Then, I chuckled. Here I was on the most gorgeous beach in the world and trying to do yoga inside. I took myself out to the beach and did savasana in the buoyant as a sea otter and balanced in Warrior three with waves crashing around me like Daniel in the original Karate Kid.

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I am no stranger to mental fatigue

May is Mental Health Month.  During the month of May, yours may be one of the corporations I visit to teach how yoga can help depression. You may also notice the buildings in your town with shining green lights; Mental Health America invites corporations to shine bright green lights all over the country to bring awareness to mental health. The mhanational.org/may campaign urges us to look around and look within to improve mental health.

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7 Chakras & My Taxes

Every year on January 31, my tax preparation panic spikes while my adherence to New Year’s Resolutions plumates. The 365 days of receipts and paystubs swirl around me in incoherent piles. I devolve into a ponytailed, pimply teenager sweating at the chalkboard while my 10th grade science teacher, Mr. Dunn, screams at me to calculate Ohm’s Law.

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Five Yoga Hacks to Love Your Soul at Work

This Valentine’s Day, instead of focusing on romance, I will look at loving the pursuit of work life balance through yoga. These 1,000 words and five yoga hacks make work life better. I say pursuit of balance because balance like the practice of yoga never ends. The chanteuse Tina Turner belted out What’s Love Got to Do with It? Love has everything to do with work on this Valentine’s Day exploration.

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Heavily Meditated and Thankful

Is successful meditation a perfectly still mind? Perhaps not… I successfully meditate when I observe my thoughts in the moment and decide to be kind, instead of flying into a rage. I shamelessly admit that my mind still wanders from thought to thought like a wayward, curious child, when I meditate. The elegant meditation byproduct that I have created at 50, with over 20 years of meditation practice, is a robust self-compassion and the ability to disarm my inner critic.  I speak directly to the critic and thwart the negative chatter.

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Even more musings…

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