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Private Yoga

online private yoga class

Nicole offers a variety of private yoga options for one student, two students (couples or besties) and small groups (3-5 people).

Sessions vary in frequency from once a week to three times a week or just once a month.

Nicole’s “Diamond Level Membership” is the top-tier package that combines 1×1 yoga three times per week + two life coaching sessions per month.

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  • Personal yoga coaching profoundly focus on individual needs.
  • Immediate feedback corrects alignment to disrupt bad habits and stave off injuries.
  • Learning styles vary and a group class teaches to the general ignoring your specific needs.


  • Public group yoga classes caters to the average skill set of those in attendance…but what about your unique physical history?
  • Grumpy knees may need more time to transition into a tree pose.
  • You may not want the yoga style offered and yearn for more…private yoga tailors to your injuries and goals.


Your yoga practice will change every time you step onto your mat. Consequently, private yoga instruction allows you to remedy specific conditions more quickly than if you were one of 15 students in a large group classes.  Moreover, you don’t have to share!  I am 100% focused on you and you benefit from my undivided attention and over 20 years of yoga!  I specialize in stressed out type A attorneys…and anyone else whose intellectual jets rev high…think of this as yoga for cerebral types who want to strength, stamina and stability

My private client rosters is growing!  I currently have a waiting list.  However, the first step is to sign up for a complimentary 30 minute assessment to ascertain if we are compatible.  My ideal student has a serious interest in improving and a strong work ethic.

Please contact me at 469-227-4200 or email to schedule a complimentary 30 minute assessment.

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