Kind Words From Clients

You know those people that you meet throughout life that are really good at what they do? That’s Nicole Payseur. When you finally find an exceptional professional that offers a one-of-a-kind service, you know it! You feel it. Your body feels amazing. Your mind feels clear and at peace. Your temples get a work out from smiling. You feel undoubtedly relaxed and enjoy the benefits of the most delightful sleep afterwards. This is how I felt after taking an online class with Nicole called Restorative. Now, I’ve taken several classes with Nicole and don’t you think for a second that just because the name is “Restorative,” that you’ll be a lazy blop “melting away into boredom on your mat.” It’s quite the opposite! She’s so engaging too. You will work every single muscle in your body, stretch every area and feel like a brand new person for days to follow, sore in places, but prepared to take on your fitness goals or life challenges like you weren’t before. Nicole knows what she’s doing. I just show up and trust her to guide me with a sharp eye for things that other instructors wouldn’t catch, in a very safe, gentle yet challenging way that promotes growth. From my observations, she has an act for seeing the physical limitations of every person, yet knows just where to push you so that you feel great and condition your body to serve you in all of life’s challenges! If you’re looking to take care of your body in a safe way, under expert guidance and supervision, while experiencing all of the benefits of properly executed positions, Nicole is the expert to trust! Thanks, Nicole!

Thank you for helping me transform my body and mind this past year with your yoga instruction.  Digging into my yoga practice has brought me so much joy and peace, especially during this crazy year.  I couldn’t have done it without your guidance.  I look forward to continuing my yoga journey with you next year.  Thank you for all you do!! Love, Maggie

Maggie A. , Your Content Goes Here

Sonya Monique is a student and fabulous designer.  I wear hear jewelry and feel a sweet calm energy all around me.  Please check out her designs!  She is so talented.  I have loved having her as a student for over 10 years!

I remember when I first became a member at the studio and walked passed your class.  You were shouting something absurd and hilarious, but I thought to myself, “No way, I can hang with her!”  I am so glad I did! You have taken me to a place I never thought I could get to on my mat…and made me laugh along the way.  I love so much your style of teaching and I can always here you in my voice when I am teaching yoga.  Thank you for your constant support and love.  I am forever grateful for you!  Namaste, S.

“Nicole’s deep stretch class is an absolute MUST for athletes, cyclists, triathalon-ers, or runners. If you’re like me, after a hard workout, the last thing you want to do is sit down and stretch when dinner is much more appealing! Don’t be fooled – her classes are so much more than “sit down and touch your toes.” Nicole leads you into poses that you might have never imagined being able to do, that open and lengthen muscles more deeply than any other class. If you are lucky enough to live in the DFW area, you must take advantage of the miracle drug that is Nicole’s class. You will leave feeling like you just got a deep tissue sports massage, for your body and your mind.”

– Michelle Khare, 2014 U23 National Champion Cyclist

I have studied yoga in many countries (Spain and all over the Americas) with teachers from diverse backgrounds and Nicole is absolutely one of the best I have ever come across. Being in her class is like attending a poetry slam in which the students are sculpting with their bodies the images she so eloquently professes. She has catapulted my practice forward by “sneaking” me into poses I didn’t even know I was capable of. After experiencing the exhilaration of an advanced asana with Nicole (which no other teacher had ever taken the time to let me try), I was hooked. I keep going back to see which of my undiscovered edges Nicole might sharpen next. I’ve never felt more stimulated intellectually, emotionally and physically in a yoga class than I have with Nicole. Five stars.


About a year and a half ago, I slipped a disc in my lower back and was in crippling pain for nearly 9 months. I was going to multiple doctors, getting spinal injections and taking a lot of medications to manage the pain…it was pretty awful. Likely expensive when it comes to insurance as well. I wasn’t able to exercise normally, gained some weight, and wasn’t able to do my normal activities. Then someone told me about the yoga class here at the headquarters every Tuesday. I’d never tried yoga before but decided to give it a go. I noticed almost immediate improvement in my quality of life. I swear by the class and know that it’s the primary reason that I’m 100% recovered from my injury, after so many other things did not work. It helped me drop some weight, greatly improved my strength and flexibility, and really has just all around improved my health over the past year+ that I’ve been taking the class here with Nicole. Nicole is an amazing instructor. She took the time to find intermediate poses for me to start with while I recovered and paid special attention to my form so that I didn’t aggravate my injury. I’ve tried other classes to add to my weekly routine and haven’t come even remotely close to an instructor as knowledgeable, helpful, or humorous as Nicole. The class really has changed my life for the better and I’m so grateful to work for a company that sees the value in bringing yoga (and Nicole) to the workplace!
Thank you so much!!
Sr. Product Manager

Wellness and work life balance is one of the most important parts of our culture here at When Nicole joined out wellness efforts with onsite yoga every week, this became an even more evident way Match puts their employees needs first! Every Tuesday Match offers this opportunity to take an hour at work to find ways to challenge us both physically and mentally. Not only do we get a great work out but we also have the chance to meet employees in other departments and areas of the company that have this desire to better themselves! I always look forward to Nicole’s upbeat attitude and genuine desire to see a healthy culture at work. Even though I’m often dyslexic when it comes to her commands, we always have a great time and I leave feeling relaxed and confident that I can overcome my daily challenges both at work and in my personal life! I know when people hear about the job opportunities at they are shocked at all the perks we have and yoga is definitely one of them!


Thank you, Nicole, for allowing me to feel the gift of being still and at peace with myself.  You are an EXTRAORDINARY teacher.  Your passion for yoga is felt in every class I have taken with you! S.A.

Nicole – you are a beautiful transcendent spirit – a true gift to this world.  It is so obvious that all you do is from the heart.  Whenever I am in your presence — or even think of you, I feel incredibily nurtured and safe.  You are such a part of making Dallas Yoga Center such a lovely place to be.  I am excited to continue to grow through your wisdom!  Thank you, dear lady!  Keep laughing.  – D.K.

All the stars aligned when Groupon offered a tantalizing month’s worth of
discounted classes at one of Nicole’s studios.  Nicole is truly a teacher; training students effortlessly with inexhaustible passion.  Nicole skillfully applies softness or intensity when needed; balancing a stimulating practice while preserving the mind/body connection.  The teacher-in-training class atmosphere encourages students to master poses mindfully, lessening a student’s desire to bail or sit out a pose.

With empathy and understanding that not all bodies are exactly the same, Nicole focuses less on pose exactness and more on self-motivated growth. Her playful environment frees Yogis from scrutinizing themselves, leaving students impressed with previously thought impossible feats. Mastering poses becomes quick work with Nicole’s sprite-like guidance to not dwell on how a pose should look but more on how tiny adjustments will ultimately lead to pose perfection and mind/body alignment. The simple, manageable skills elevates excitement to experiment in future classes with newly learned accomplishments.

Because of her extensive knowledge, Nicole can accept requests and fine tune classes on the spot to pinpoint pain and perceived weaknesses.  She is not afraid to interact with either her hands, heart, and sometimes feet (if your back aches for love and care).   Nicole gives her entire self completely; intrinsically motivating students to match her energy and return the radiated love.

John C.

“Nicole changed my life. Her playful style of teaching helped me to understand the spirit of Yoga and how it could make my life better in so many ways. She pushed me to challenge myself (both mentally and physically). She reminded me it was okay to laugh at myself when it didn’t work out. She told me it was okay to fall. She asked me to change my perspective and try to see things from different angles. Nicole inspired me to make myself a better, happier person. I have lost 35 lbs, I look and feel better than I ever have. If I had not come across Nicole, I am not sure I would have pursued this immense blessing… Anyone who has Nicole as an instructor is very lucky.”

“Nicole is a superior yoga instructor. Her years of training, combined with her ability to give each client exactly what they need, results in a perfect yoga session. The pleasant extra you get from a session of yoga with Nicole, is her fantastic sense of humor. If you are serious about yoga, Nicole Payseur is the instructor to hire.”
Service Category: Yoga Instructor
Year first hired: 2010 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
-Allyson T.

“Nicole is a very kind person, but don’t let that fool you! She will give you a very challenging workout. She is incredibly knowledgeable, humble, personable, and funny.”
-Leigh B

“Nicole rocks! She is insightful, energetic, incredibly bright in so many ways. She has a very good eye, loads of information and a sense of humor you won’t find in any other yoga class in Dallas. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll take one of Nicole’s classes!!”
Carla R.

“Nicole is an excellent yoga instructor and trainer. She inspires her students to reach further both inward and physically. You walk away from her classes challenged and refreshed.”
Leticia F.

“As a business owner in a high pressure, male-oriented industry, staying fit and healthy is of primary concern to me. Being on my “B” game is simply not an option. Weekly sessions with Nicole have made me stronger, increased my flexibility, calmed my stress level, increased my sleep and made me less prone to injury. As an ex-attorney, Nicole is uniquely qualified to understand and address a working woman’s physical and mental goals. She also happens to be one of the funniest people I know! As a long time client of hers, I could not recommend her enough.”
Service Category: Yoga Instructor
Lauren W.

Nicole attacks her classes and students and life with a vengence and indeed has wicked humor and lightning fast bon mots…..she is so hilarious one forgets she has twisted them into pretzels and made them do things one would never imagine that they can do. Her deep knowledge of Body Structure allows her to fine tune the poses to suit the individual gimps (like me) that she guides. She is really able to custom create programs for everyone’s needs…despite some of her classes being largely attended. She is excellent and as a Private instructor…you are in for a treat. Smart gal and full of fun. NO one doesn’t adore Nicole…she is va va voomy!
Candace R.

“Nicole offers expert, fun, serious, and enjoyable yoga instruction. She will bend and stretch you physically and metaphysically, and make you laugh to prevent you from taking it all too seriously. She’s taught me everything from new uses for the word “juicy” to the proper way to use my lungs. And I’m fortunate to count her among my friends both on and off the mat.”
Service Category: Personal Trainer
Chris A.

“Nicole was one of the first yoga instructors I had and she was THE first instructor who made me feel like it was worthwhile. Her precise instruction allows both beginners and more advanced students to find themselves in poses they had no idea they could do, or frankly, even existed. Class is always laid back and never pretentious.”

Hey Nicole,

I just wanted to let you know how much your instruction has helped me. My lower back and hamstring pain has vanished because of you.

Between the classes I’ve been to at Equinox and the extra time outside of class you have spent w/me, I feel like my entire outlook on yoga has changed.

You’ve helped a total “type A” personality look so forward to something that seemed so strange before your classes. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the help you’ve been, and the time you’ve spent with me individually.

Cameron L.

I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am that I found your class.  I find you a wonderful teacher – nurturing, guiding, strong and knowledgeable.  I so look forward to your class — it is always new & exciting and my body thanks you as well!

Arlene P.

Mere words cannot describe my gratitude for you and your teaching in my life.  You have truly changed my life and continue to do so through yoga and your deep wisdom and sense of humor!  Thank you so much for everything.

Jeane C.

Thank you for much for giving your talent, kindness and pasion to the Dallas Museum of Art’s programs!  We love having you as our yoga instructor and we know that all of the wiggly kiddos love you too!  Thank you for bringing so much joy to the museum.

Emily W.

I took a class from you at Uptown Yoga back in 2012.  From day one you and your teaching style had a positive impact on me.  When I saw you were one of the teachers for Teacher Training, I took it as a my sign to jump on in.  And I am so glad I did?  I am so grateful to you.  Thank you for sharing your passion with me and the other trainees.  You have such a gift and I am honored to have learned from you.  XOXO.


The first time I walked into your class you were doing this series of down dogs against the wall.  It was one of the more challenging yoga classes I have taken but I was hooked.  You have made such a difference in my life these past few months.  I am rather addicted.  I hate being asked to work on Tuesdays or Thursday because I have plans.  Somewhere I want and need to be.  I hear your voice during my week and I listen.  I love the things you share with us.  Your thoughts are both empowering and gratifying.