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Yoga Parties Make Memories Beyond Party Favors & Instagram Posts…

There are multiple ways to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, wedding or family reunion but only one gives you an aroma therapy bar, relaxed muscles and laughter! True you could have a Botox party and frown lines…better yet, why not create smiles on faces that are in need of happy, healthy yoga with people they love?  Comfy clothes and a yoga mat and your zoom link is all you need to lift spirits! For these yoga parties, I create an aromatherapy bar so the guest can leave with a signature relaxation scent (mailing in advance requires 14 days notice). I design the yoga class according to your needs with a musical play list to work on relaxing or strengthening the body. We do a visualization ceremony.  We do deep relaxation exercises.  There can be mimosas, green juices and/or tea for quenching the thirsty yoga divas. Most of all there are sweet memories to hold the day sacred so that all attendees feel loved and celebrated in a unique way!




When?  We’re not sure but we’re hoping soon!

Have you ever heard my voice at the end of savasana and thought: I could just stay here and never get up!? Well come to a yoga retreat with me and you can linger longer. A yoga retreat with me means you leave the yoga studio and walk along the beach after the morning practice. A yoga retreat with me means your yoga practice is uninterrupted by daily life. You can deepen your silence to the roar of the ocean. You can fall into be exhausted by a yoga practice you don’t need to squeeze into your schedule. A yoga retreat is an unschedule that keeps you busy undoing, replenishing and making the most of meditation, stretching, strengthening and learning in a way that a 90 minute class will not allow. Come on a retreat and get relaxed so you are more effective when you go home.